Sunday, August 25, 2013

Security Trimming for Managed Navigation in SharePoint 2013

Managed Navigation is the new concept which is introduced in SP 2013. Manged terms can be used for Navigating to Pages but it has  few limitations .
one of the limitation is, there is no OOB way to apply security trimming. But Interestingly I found one :)
So , try as follows
1)In Pages Library, Edit Page property to update the Managed metadata column ( Wiki Category can be used  for the same purpose

2)Once the Page is tagged with specific Metadata , Open  up the  Hidden Taxonomy List and break the permission for this List (here you have to make sure that , the Page and Managed Term has same unique permissions)
So Navigate to siteurl/Lists/TaxonomyHiddenList/AllItems.aspx  and find  for the metadata term , for which the page was tagged for
3)Hit 'Shared With' --> 'Advanced Setting'  and provide unique permission to this term , so that this term will be visible to only particular group or user.


Tim said...

We were looking for one platform for our users to manage their web projects from, something along the lines of a CMS and portal. We found Centralpoint by Oxcyon. At first we had our doubts because we thought the software was for the healthcare industry. Security was one of our biggest concerns but we knew if Centralpoint was used in the healthcare field that it would have a way to create roles and permission securely. Centralpoint made the transfer of data easy. It was nothing like the base model of other systems. It included things like taxonomy, rights management, Data Warehousing, Single Sign On, and Email Broadcasting. We found that Centralpoint was the right alternative for us.

Unknown said...

Hi Tim, we've never really heard of Centralpoint by Oxcyon. We've been with Sharepoint for year and now we are looking for something a little more with out of the box capabilities. We give Oxcyon a call and they give us a free demo. It's only the first week but so far so good.