Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Create the Sharepoint 2010 Projects Where MOSS 2010 is not Installed?

Hello EveryOne,

        This article is just for knowledge sake and  to know about managing on machine where sharepoint 2010 is not installed.
If you have installed VS2010(visual studio ultimate) ,& Navigated as  Start ->VS2010 ->Run as administrator->New Project->Sharepoint 2010. You will get the popup that you can not create the sharepoint projects as MOSS 2010 is not installed.

But dont fear,If there is Will , there is Way :-)
Follow me as follows
1)Start -->Run-->RegEdit-->Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0

and Export the file
and Import on  machine where SP2010 is not installed.
2)Now you wont get the popup but it will ask for the url in Wizard.
still go ahead. and put the IP address of the remote server or any dummy url.
and dont click on validate url  and click on finish

3)With this settings you can just  create the wsp but once you click on the Deploy the project
then again You have to face the same error that 'Sharepoint is not installed on local machine'

4)You can put your commands in a PowerShell script (.ps1) file and pass the path of the script file to PowerShell.exe.  Then you can just put this command in your post build event to run your PowerShell script after you compile

5)This will hold the command which will be executing on the remote machine where Sharepoint 2010 is installed.
to enable the remote execution of powershell commands follow the steps as given in this blog

6)If you get 'Access Denied error' while execution of PS commands, then check if Active directory domain services is enabled on Target machine

Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to Import CSV files to Term Store in Sharepoint 2010

1)Go to the term strore as directed in following Image

Click on view sample Import file  and Import it back.
This will generate the terms for tagging
Next I will demonstrate  how to use tagging..

2)Create the list with column of Type Managed Metadata as directed as following Image
3)When List is created and You add/update new items this column will have the ability to Select values from term store