Sunday, April 2, 2017

SharePoint App with Odata External Content Type

1)Create SharePoint Provider Hosted App

2)Right Click this Project to Add External Content type using  Odata

3)Create  Secure Store Service  Target Application  (in case of FBA Authentication)  else enable RevertToSelf Authentication  mechanism  (in case of Windows Authentication).Revert To Self Authentication needs to be enabled explicitly for Business Connectivity Service Application using Powershell

4)Create New-SPODataConnectionSettings Jump For BCS using Powershell,
This will help to use Secure Store Credentials to be associated with  BCS external content type
Look at the Output of this command

5)In Visual Studio ,Select .ect (BDC model file) , select the Designer View of ECT  then Select the Properties  , and Update the  Properties  (obtained in the step  4)

To  be continued for the deployment part...

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