Sunday, November 13, 2016

What is ASP.net Core 1.0 , The Future of MVC 6? , And How to use this Architecture for SharePoint Provider Hosted Apps

SharePoint is the technology which is built on the top of the ASP.net ,  ASP.net  is  rapidly evolving day by day to accustom advanced cloud scenarios  and modern web application development.  It has been evolved from ASP.net Forms then ASP.net MVC 6   & now ASP.net  Core 1.0

If you are acquainted  with Provider Hosted App development, primarily we select MVC architecture due  to the benefits it offers

Look at this  (ASP.net Core 1.0)  advanced, powerful cross - platform technology which would help us to solve many age old troubles.

Radi has explained this in Depth , for leveraging this ASP.net 1.0   architecture for Provider Hosted App. Today, though it is only supported for Low trust  provider hosted apps,  It is going to be evolved for High trust provider hosted Apps as well.

I'll extend this post for explaining Dependency Injection MVC architecture,  provided by ASP.net core  with respect to provider hosted Apps.