One liner geeks in Sharepoint--Must Read(New!!)

1)How to add the intellisense to xml files in sharepoint?
2)Sharepoint 2010 is based on .net framework3.5 and Console application using sharepoint API  requires to change the CPU type to 64 bit in project properties.

3)Sharepoint designer 2010 allows to import and export the workflow wsp files ,Which makes possible to customize the default workflows provided MOSS2010

4)When Creating new Webapplication ensure that Central administration site is running in intranet zone and brower is 64 bit.(sometimes buttons may be disabled)

5)Powershell is the Command line console which provides end to end integration with Sharepoint 2010 ability  to write the custom snapins as well as provides intellisense  for  commands(on click of tab).
6)To Execute the Sharepoint 2010 commands , you need to load Sharepoint powershell snapin by  All Programs-->Sharepoint 2010 Products-->Sharepoint 2010  Management Console.

7)To stapple the feature to multiple site  use Global#0   Template Name in Stappler xml file.