Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OOB Table Of Contents WebPart To Show All Subsites

1)Edit the LevelStyle.xsl  file in In Top Level site\All Site Contents\Style libray to Show only sites and not the other libraries .

Edit the webpart properties as per the requirements

2)To Show All sites
Top Level site or the Site for which you need to display all subsites--Site actions -->Site settings -->Look and Feel-->Navigation -->Increase value

3)Add the TOC webpart (Edit Page-->Insert Webpart-->Select Content Rollup )
 4)Set the number of levels to one.(Edit Webpart-->Set Properties as below)
 This WebPart can be used as OOB Navigation WebPart through out the site.
This is one more useful blog most ,If more customization is required
Note -->TOC Webpart can dispaly navigation only in single site collection

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