Friday, May 11, 2012

Enterprise Project Management:Project Site Approval Workflow in Project Server 2010 -- Part - I

This workflow creates the project site for Basic project plan EPT when workflow task is approved.(This is the correction done over the Branching workflow provided with Project Server 2010 SDK).
Workflow task is created using PSWApprovalTask Content type in Project Server Workflow Task List.

1)Configure Visual Studio for Project Server activities.

New Project SharePointWorkflow -Create site workflow

And enter the url of PWA site

2)Map workflow stages activities to actual Workflow stages in PWA SharePoint Site

3)Enable  PSWEnableApprovalTask Content Type in Project Server Workflow Task List

4)Add the Web reference of Project.asmx and WssInterop.asmx to the Solution

5)Build and Deploy and Associate it Enterprise Project Type

For detailed description of  above steps please visit CodePlex and download the source and document


Rene Alvarez said...

I'm trying to develop a workflow with approval tasks but have a lot of problems and questions.
I have also readed the Hitchhiker's Guide to Demand Management and the Project 2010 SDK with more questions than answers.
Can you recommend a course or document to learn how to do it? Would you be able to provide assistance for this?

Swati Jain said...

Hi Rene,

Please post your detail requirement about the workflow task in codeplex url.
Thanks for the comment,