Sunday, May 15, 2011

Understand the feelings of TFS which is integrated with Sharepoint Project in VS2010 :)

There are lot of enhancements tfs with visual studio 2010 over visual studio 2008.Lot of automatic things. But Some times we need to take care of.
For example,

1)When you move the files from rootfolder to mapped folder ,still the virtual instance of original file remains as it is for that you need to unload the project
Right Click-->unload the project  then again reload.

2)When you delete the Sharepoint Project Items, And you start packaging the solution ,compiler cries  'could not find the deleted file path'.

thus you need to edit the .feature file  and remove the guid projectitemreferance and package again.
you need to edit the .csproj file-->ctrl+f-->Find project referance guid as mentioned above.And remove the referance

If you know better way or best practices working with tfs integrated with sharepoint project please do the comments

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