Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Debug Infopath forms running in SharePoint workflow

1)Open the Infopath  form's Project in Visual Studio 2008/Visual studio 2005
 To Get Project's path open Infopath form .And find Design Task -->Design checker -->Compatibility Setting -->Programming -->Project Location

2)Run the Infopath forms in workflow.
Copy the dll ,and infopath forms present in bin folder of project location to  12-->Template-->Feature folder of workflow solution -->copy this folder 12 hive (right click -->copy to 12 hive)

Infopath dont generate .pdb files by default .You need  follow as
right click project in solution explorer-->Properties-->Select Build Tab-->Advance--Build settings -->Set Debug Info--full

3)Refresh infopath forms ,In visual studio Tools -- >
Attach to process-->w3p.exe --> Select the Work flow code

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